thrill suspended roller coaster amusement rides

thrill suspended roller coaster amusement rides

thrill suspended roller coaster amusement rides

Our Suspended Roller Coaster is one of the most sophisticated and cutting-edge technology rides on this planet, featured with a standard 800-meter track, 130-second running time and 80-kilometer maximum traveling speed. This ride gives whopping drops from the top 32 meters high to the bottom 2 meters low. The ride also stands out remarkably from other coasters by its suspended cabin-free seating design, which enables the seats to spin left and right, and also gives riders breathtaking stunts created by effects like centrifugal pulls, zero-gravity drops and rolling and spinning in all possible directions.
Technical Specifications:
1) Track length: 800m
2) Maximum height: 32m
3) Maximum fall: 30m
4) Cars: 10 cars
5) Capacity: 20 persons
6) Ride time: 130s
7) Maximum speed: 80km/hour
8) Lift speed: 1.6m/s
9) Power: 202kw
10) Voltage: 380V
11???Area: 143*77m


Shanghai Sinofun Rides Company:
About 17 years manufacture experience;
More than 12 years for exports amusement rides;
Multi-business way such as design, make, sell, install, rent and operate etc.;
Focus on whole park build from design to operate;
Rich product lines such as amusement park rides, water park rides


Our Services
·Pre-sale service:
- We provide presales service in various forms, for example, making investment budget, manufacturing, planning, etc. so that customers make a reasonable plan with less cost.
- Investment budgeting: We provide services of product profit analysis, recommendation of machine and auxiliary equipment and relevant budgeting, human resources allocation and budgeting.
- Plant Planning: We provide the mounting dimension of the equipment base,design of equipment layout, workshop ventilation, etc.
- Offer information of peripherals
·In-sale service:
- Detailed design of lay-out that is the position of the procession
- Technological information of provided products
- Schedule about design, manufacturing and installation
- Working & Producing progression
- Training course for the technician so that the installation is safe and standard
·After-sale service:
- For customers buying our products, we provide them free training so that they can use and maintain the machine independently.
- We will answer customer's question on technology in time. If needed, we will offer on-site guidance and assistance.
- We can provide free technical guidance if customers need new equipment, add or rebuild equipment.
- We will prioritize the product upgrade of former customers.


Product Origin: Shanghai, China
Model Number: LMSC011
Brand Name: Sinofun

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Company Name:  Shanghai Sinofun Rides Co., ltd.
Contact Person:  Jilly
Address:  No.1588-10 Youyi Road, Baoshan, Shanghai, China
Zip:  201900
Telephone:  0086-21-66680175
Fax:  0086-21-66680175

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